• What Makes It Different From The Rest Of The World?

    When people travel to France, they stick to Paris of nearby areas. What they are missing is the incredible countryside which offers a view into the local life that is something you will not get to experience anywhere else. The rest of France is not the same as Paris. France is popular for its diverse landscapes. It features mountain ranges, sandy beaches and is known for its rich architectural history which can be traced back to the Roman era.

    Awesome Montpellier
    Awesome Montpellier

    If you want to experience rich historic and geographic diversity, then you must visit Languedoc-Roussillon and this is what makes it unique when compared to the rest of the world. It is the largest wine producing region in the world. It is responsible for one-third of wine production in France. The region has over 700,000 acres of vineyards and produces more wine than the United States. You will get the feeling of being in Rome while in the city of Nimes. This city houses an amphitheater, temple, Roman coliseum. You can find numerous examples of gothic and roman influences all over the city.

    Thriving City of Montpellier

    Montpellier is a thriving modern city in Languedoc-Roussillon but with a historic center. Rarely will you come across such diversities in any region! The region as well features a coastal plain. The long sandy beaches and modern infrastructure have given rise to many luxe resorts that attract a lot of people to the region. The fertile coastal plain has made Languedoc-Roussillon one of the major wine-growing areas in the world. Those who are tired of killing time at ordinary beaches can visit Languedoc-Roussillon. You will be able to discover coastal strip dotted with rocky Mediterranean hills and vineyards. The Roman remains and the historic cities add a punch to the already gorgeous setting.

    The Pyrenees forms a natural land barrier between Spain and France. It is a beautiful mountain range which features lower slopes. This is the place to be if you want to trek.

    Majestic View Of Pyrénées
    Majestic View Of Pyrénées

    The place where these meet the sea is a breath-taking sight. The old coastal villages along the rocky cliffs are a sight to experience. Seldom are you going to find such diversities in landscape anywhere in the world!

    Popularity of Languedoc-Roussillon

    Languedoc-Roussillon is popular for its organic wines and its growing wine tourism. This region is an undisputed leader in organic agriculture. The vines cultivated in the region represent 30 percent of the organic produce in France. Producing wine is more of an art in this region which can experience while on a wine tour. This place transforms into an Eden for lovers during springtime.

    The region of Languedoc-Roussillon has something to offer everybody. You can explore beaches, climb mountains, relax in picturesque, varied vineyards, indulge in lip-smacking delicacies and explore the historic remains all in one place.

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