• Exploring The History And Beauty Of Languedoc-Roussillon

    Languedoc-Roussillon is located in the southern part of France. It is on the Mediterranean coast between the borders of Spain and France. It extends into the western part of Province and up to the inland and to the Pyrenees in the south. It also shares the neighborhood with the Cevennes National Park in the north.

    Hill walkers, beach lovers and tourists find Languedoc-Roussillon a destination place to visit in the summer because of its beautiful geographical landforms, strong history, monuments and ancient landmarks that are connected to the area.

    Brother Crush – Original Story From Languedoc-Roussillon

    Brother Crush Series

    Have you heard about series called Brother Crush? It’s fantasy but it touches the very delicate layer of step family relations. Imagine two step brother living within one family and having a sexual crush between themselves. How to keep it a secret? What if this crush develops and is making just more tension for both of them? There is many questions and they all are going to be answered. It’s interesting fact to know that the series originates from the region of Languedoc-Roussillon!

    The Ruthless Killings Of The Cathars – An History To Remember

    No one would have thought of the brutality that happened in Languedoc-Roussillon in years back in the medieval era.

    About 800 years ago, the castles of Languedoc-Roussillon that stretched from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees once served as the hideouts for the Cathars. They are a religious sect that rejected many tenets of the Catholic Church. Probably afraid of the increasing popularity of the Cathars, Pope Innocent III announced a crusade to eliminate them in 1208. The holy call received attention from warriors across Germany and northern France. They laid siege to the strongholds of the Cathars, looting their lands and slaughtering the so-called heretics in large numbers including women and children. The crusader leader instructed his troops to not spare anyone claiming God will know his own after all! Primitive and barbaric warfare were also adopted during the onslaught against the Cathers.

    The Beauty Of The Current Day Languedoc-Roussillon

    The beauty of Languedoc-Roussillon in the modern lies in the once-besieged mountains that are very attractive with beautiful mountain views, the beautiful blue sky, and warm the climate. It is now an appealing and charm place that every tourist long to visit in France. Languedoc is now within the modern region of Languedoc-Roussillon in France.

    The Attraction And Places

    There are many places of interests to visit in Languedoc-Roussillon. With amazing sites such as rivers, gorges, thermal springs, and forests, Languedoc-Roussillon is no doubt one of France’s tourist sites to visit during summer. People in Paris have chosen Languedoc-Roussillon as the destination location for swimming and hiking with lots of wines for people who want to relax and have pleasurable moments in the beautiful atmosphere.

    Beaches are located in every department except Lozere. Visitors and tourists most times stay in the southern part of Languedoc-Roussillon for a nice time in the beaches.

    Lozere View

    A Monumental Ground 

    Languedoc-Roussillon is today not only a relaxation spot but serves as a monumental ground for history lovers. Much like a museum of its own, there are exposed hills and castles of Lastours which are four in number built 100 yards apart. These have been rebuilt. Within are spiral stone staircases leading to the ceiling gaps and arrow slits, nicknamed the murder holes. Defenders poured boiling oils and dropped rocks through this holes.

    When making a visit to Languedoc-Roussillon, there are five major departments that Languedoc-Roussillon is divided into to serve as a guide on your visit. These are Gard, Herault, Aude, Pyrenees-Orientales, and Lozere.

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