• Languedoc – Rosello And The Pyréneés Orientales – The Ultimate Tour Through France´s Hidden Gem

    Almost everyone wants to holiday in France. From honeymooners to thrill – seekers and adventurers, France is the dream destination. With all the dreamy destinations to choose from, it is easy to understand why.

    Romance novels, as well as pop culture, have played a huge role in selling France as a utopian destination. While some locations are more popular than others, few people have ventured into little known locations.Such places include Languedoc – Roussillon and Pyrénées –Orientales.


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    It is quite snug between the French and Spanish borders.

    Exploring Languedoc – Roussillon

    Located in the south of France, Languedoc – Roussillon lies on the Mediterranean coast.

    It is quite snug between the French and Spanish borders.

    This destination is heaven for people whose passions include the following:

    • Hillwalking
    • The beach
    • General touring

    Many travelers discover that Languedoc – Roussillon is the place to go for its:

    • Age – old landmarks
    • Deep history
    • Monuments
    • Lovely geographical landforms

    Origin Of A Great Series

    If you have watched the fantasy series ‘Brother Crush’ and loved it, you will be curious about its origins.

    This beautiful picturesque destination is the origin of the series.

    As mentioned earlier, the history here is deep.

    A Disturbing History Of Murder

    As mentioned earlier, the history here is deep. Have you ever heard about the killings of the Cathars? Well, this is where it happened about eight hundred years ago.

    A beautiful Landscape

    Languedoc – Roussillon is a beautiful place to behold despite its rather tragic past. The mountain views, as well as the warm weather and blue skies, will keep you out of doors enjoying the sunshine and working on your tan.

    There are also fascinating geographical features to visit such as:

    • Gorges
    • Forests
    • Rivers

    Swimmers and hikers, especially in Paris, have made this their summer haven for all their favorite summertime activities.

    The Pyrénées – Orientales

    This is another destination that is loved for its warm weather as it is sunny throughout the year. Pyrénées – Orientales, which is located to the north of Catalonia, is part of the Languedoc – Roussillon of Southern France. Nature lovers love this destination for the following:

    • The Vermillion coast
    • The mountains
    • The long beaches
    • The Mediterranean coast
    • The high plateau of Cerdanya
    • The Peak of Canigou
    • Walled towns
    • The picturesque villages with their old buildings
    The harbor and castle of Collioure are not to be missed. Also, there is a network of narrow streets dotted with pastel.

    Things To Do

    It is lovely to walk up to Mt. Canigou and enjoy the views from there. There are also the Massanne and Madeloc towers to enjoy. The landscape is breathtaking especially if you decide to visit the Gorges des Gouleyrous. In addition, there is the Castle Ultere to explore.

    At the Ille Sur Tet, you will find some very interesting rock formations.

    A short distance from Tet Valley towards the south, close to a place known as Thuir, is Castelnou. This is said to be the most beautiful village in the world. It comes complete with a castle on top of a hill behind the houses.

    Towards Llivia which is to the west of Tet Valley are more interesting historical findings. There is a Spanish town which, interestingly, is surrounded by French territory.

    It is an amazing mix of Spanish and French cultures found in one location. History lovers would find this quite fascinating.

    The harbor and castle of Collioure are not to be missed. Also, there is a network of narrow streets dotted with pastel – colored homes as well as restaurants to try. French Cuisine is never to be missed out on.


    People need to venture farther into France in order to discover these hidden treasures. You will be pleasantly surprised to find such beauty spread out in the sun. You can even spend your entire vacation in the great outdoors.

    France has a lot more to offer than the Riviera and the fashion houses with the haute couture. Out in the country is where the real beauty is to found.

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