• Wine Production with Grapes

    Acknowledging the Region As A Major Wine Producer

    Languedoc-Roussillon region stretches from Rhone valley to Spanish border in the west. It has over 740,000 acres of vineyards and is the largest wine producing region in France. The region was incorporated as a province in France during 1659. This region with varied landscape and hot climate favor the growth of wine.

    Roussillon brings together a community of winemakers; It has 345 private cellars, 25 cooperative cellars and is one of the sunniest regions you can find in France. It offers a diverse range of wines and is the 9th largest producer of wine in France. It was once a source of bulk wine. It is now proving its capability to craft wonderful terroir wines at realistic prices. The region is thriving at a rapid pace with so many enthusiastic wine producers that it would become hard for you to choose where to turn. Anybody looking for a wine with personality and character must visit the region for an incredible wine tasting experience.

    Languedoc Roussillon As Wine Capital

    Best Wines In Languedoc-Roussillon
    Best Wines In Languedoc-Roussillon

    Languedoc Roussillon is not just one of the prestigious wine producing regions. The region is known for innovation and experimentation. The pioneers of the region during the 1980s aimed and invested in quality. They started bottling their own wines. The prominent products in the region focus on the export market. Burgundy and Bordeaux are not the only French wines that are known for their quality and affordability. Languedoc has much more to offer. A Chinese wine investment company recently purchased a property in Languedoc sensing the immense potential of this region.
    Languedoc is the largest wine region with but over 500,000 acres. Vines grow in the mountains inland and along the Mediterranean. People are amazed at how the region produces quality dry white wines of sparkling quality. The winds and the mountains offer cooler regions thereby enabling the talented producers to craft wines that are known for their startling freshness.

    The local grapes such as Grenache and Carignan are well adapted to the region. Expat Jon Bowen from England has held over the produce of the spectacular mountainous region of Corbieres. He has been into winemaking for quite a while. He set up his own winery in the region during 2004. Do visit his winery while in the region. He ferments who bunch to produce quality white wines. His Carignan 2013 is rich and juicy with concentrated fruit. The delicious aroma of the wild herbs in the region surrounding the vineyards will excite your sense.

    Languedoc Roussillon is famous for camping, caving, epic tunnels and driving roads in addition to great wine. All wine enthusiasts on a budget must consider visiting the region once in their lifetime. You can indulge in a variety of wines here amidst the enchanting beauty of the surrounding vineyards.

    Major Kinds Of Wine

    One Of The Best Vineyard in Languedoc-Roussillon
    One of the Best Vineyard in Languedoc-Roussillon

    Great wine is all about getting the blends right. Vineyards are referred to as patchwork due to varieties of grapes grown in the region together. Most of the producers in the region prefer creating blends rather than single wine variety. Red blends from the region are more fruit driven and full-bodied. The red wines from the region are full bodied wines with Carignan, Grenache, and Syrah as main components. The white wines are zesty wines made with Grenache Blanc and Picpoul.

    Languedoc Roussillon overproduced cheap jug wine during the 1970s. The old Grenache vineyards were ripped and replaced with a high-yielding variety of grapes such as Carignan. The region slowly recovered its status and turned itself into a quality producer.

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